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    any news on the real update that we all need?
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    keep dreaming. It took VZW a long time to push out to the 2.1 update
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    I didn't know WebOS 2.2 is a thing. What are the features?

    edit: answered my own question with this thread:

    Looks like touch to focus and Bing maps from what I've read so far. I'm sure any news about 2.2 coming to other phones would be posted on the P|C blog.
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    august 2012.
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    my guess is this 2.1 update is the last we'll see on Pre2. Oh well, so much for text forwarding to TouchPad - glad they market that feature for no one.
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    Is there any official changelog of 2.2 ?
    Isn't Veer having the 2.2 version? I always thought so.
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    Veer has 2.1 I think - I could be wrong as I have not played with the Veer. Pre3 should get 2.2 I do believe.
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    From what I have read, 2.2 will be released for the Veer and Pre2 (unlocked, at least) some time after the Pre3 has had it's wide launch.

    I have 100% confidence in a 2.2 build being released for the unlocked Pre2 since they gave them out like candy to developers. They want the devs to write/rewrite their apps for Enyo so it only makes sense they would give those devs the ability to run Enyo apps on the devices they've been given. I'm sure as soon as that build is released the good folks with webOS internals will have some meta scripts to create doctors for franken and VZ Pre2s.

    Not to worry. Even if VZ doesn't release the update officially, there will be a way for you to get your Pre2 updated.
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    Veer has 2.1 I think - I could be wrong as I have not played with the Veer. Pre3 should get 2.2 I do believe.
    Yes, the Veer ships with 2.1 and the Pre3 ships with 2.2. As to my knowledge, there have been no OS updates pushed to the Veer as of yet.
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    With today's news, I doubt that we will see anymore updates on any of our devices...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tigrao View Post
    With today's news, I doubt that we will see anymore updates on any of our devices...
    Whats the news today? Haven't heard anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by etphoto View Post
    Whats the news today? Haven't heard anything.

    Google Webos. You will see
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    Also this tells me we Pre 2 owners shouldn't hold our breaths. This might also explain why the Pre3 was launched in a Pre2-esque manner.

    An insider has given us details from an all-hands meeting HP just held with employees in the webOS Global Business Unit in light of today’s announcement that HP will no longer make webOS devices. In the meeting, webOS GBU VP Stephen DeWitt made it clear that HP intends to continue to work on webOS and likely intends to license it. DeWitt was adamant, saying several times “We are not walking away from webOS.” He detailed a plan to try to determine what the platform’s future will look like within the next two weeks, although he admitted that “Clearly, we don’t have all the answers today.”

    In response to a direct question about licensing to HTC or Samsung, HP VP Todd Bradley pointed out that to date webOS is designed to work on a single set of silicon — Qualcomm — and that many potential licensees would likely want to see webOS support other chipsets. He did not elaborate further on potential partners.

    DeWitt said that there would be staff reductions, but told the team that the company needs people “that are serious about winning” and again reiterated HP’s commitment to developing webOS as a platform. Both DeWitt and Bradley were clear that the current business model of webOS wasn’t working primarily due to lackluster hardware, arguing that HP needed to stop “trying to force non-competitive products into the market.”

    In short, it looks like HP is committed to finding a partner or partners to license webOS. It’s not clear how the company will shuffle the division around given that it currently sits within the Personal Systems Group, which is slated to be be spun off.
    Pre 2 last i checked doesn't use a Qualcomm chipset hence no webOS 2.2.
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    I amend my assertation. the Pre2 may not, in fact, get webOS 2.2. but in light of recent events, I don't think we'll need it since i doubt greatly that anyone will be developing any apps that will require it.

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