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    Does anyone have a Birthday tracking program that they are using on their Pre 2? I'm a recent convert from a Treo 650 and I sure miss my Pimlico Datebk calendar. I used to be able to take dates from my address book to the calendar (i.e. birthdates, anniversaries...)

    I also can't seem to get consistent syncing from the Pre 2 to Google Calendar or from Google Calendar to my Pre 2.

    Any suggestions???

    thank you
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    I have Birthdays version 1.0.0 from Codebeyond - it requires all of the dates to be added and it doesn't sync with the calendar. I have requested help from them but no response yet...

    I had tried Birthdays by Heden version 0.0.4 - all I get is a white screen when "loading contact info" when it's on the Birthday List...
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    I just released my latest app called "Days To Come" in the app catalog. It's a similar app to what you were asking about but it does not sync with the calendar.

    The list is Automatically Updated with the closest date sorted in ascending order (closest date at the top to furthest away date at bottom).

    You have a checkbox option to make it repeat yearly or just occurs once.

    The App can be found here for .99 cents :

    or check out the forum description:

    "Days To Come" App
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    If you have google, just activate the birthday calendar in the google calendars and sync it to the phone. Then you have the birthdays of all your google contacts (where you set the birthdate) in the calendar.
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    Birthday calendar in google? Where can I find that one?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DerBandit View Post
    Birthday calendar in google? Where can I find that one?
    If you are in google calendars, you have other calendars on the left. Goto add another calendar and add interesting calendars. Then you come to a list of holiday calendars. Go to the Tab Others and choose birthdays and anniversaries of my contacts. Then you get a calendar which is automatically updated by the dates set in your contacts.

    Since I am German, the translation I did of the GUI elements could be different.

    Judging your Username you are too :-) So here in German again: In Google Kalender stehen unter "meine Kalender" die "weiteren Kalender". Da klickst auf "Hinzufügen". Dann auf "Interessante Kalender durchsuchen". Dann kommst auf "Feiertage" und unter dem Reiter "Weitere" findest Du "Geburts- und Jahrestage meiner Kontakte". Das abonnieren und fertig.


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    Und ich dachte ich kenne Google Danke dir

    Hmm added that Calendar, it shows the birthdays on the web, but the one on my Pre is empty. Is there an issue with syncing?
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