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    I'm shocked to see that it is running 2.0. I don't know if there will be a 2.1, but VZW has to do the same amount of work for every OTA update, so they would have started beyond 2.0 if it were possible. TTS apparently needs 2.2 according to Palm's web site, so maybe that's what will be next? Even though the Pre2 won't have the TTS circuitry.

    Makes me wonder how long it will be until VZW Pre2 owners will see Exhibition. Are there any other features missing in 2.0 besides Exhibition?
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    Hitting refresh till it stops showing up as out of stock on Verizon's website. My grandmother is on my plan and hasn't gotten a new phone since Nokia stopped making them on Big Red, so if anything I'll use hers to get the pre 3. My Pre+ is turning into a rattler from all the problems in the slider.
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    some details on pre 2 on vzw website discussed in this p/c thread:
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluenote View Post
    some details on pre 2 on vzw website here:
    That is a link to this thread?
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