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    Use Internalz Pro or WosQI to install this test patch. It works!

    Link is in the signature

    Its only the 1.1 version of it (current is up to 1.5) but if enough pixi people help him test it and ask for it, maybe we can get the 1.5 version of it.

    Don't forget to uninstall other topbar patches. Some of them work well, some of them don't, like those Date patches.
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    I wish it was left all the way. It looks weird that far in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ursula View Post
    I wish it was left all the way. It looks weird that far in.
    actually just realized i put the icons in the wrong folder

    so now it looks like this.
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    so the icons are on page 21 of that thread.

    since /media/internal/ is already created, put it in /.scrims/weather/

    (to create /.scrims/ in windows call it /.scrims. and the last . will disappear)
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    Does this work on a Pre 1.4.5?

    Edit: Duh. Should probably read the link in your sig 1st. LOL!

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    He just updated it to SWW 2.0 for 1.4.5. Its on the top page of that thread. Works like a charm for us 1.4.5ers. Puts time all the way on the right tho. but bunch of added functionality.

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