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    Hijacked from other threads...

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    For now anyway...

    One recommendation please. Tape or glue that latch/mini-USB latch shut. If you don't, it will become loose or break, which makes it difficult for you to charge the Pixi later on. I say this because this happened to me. And I baby my phone. I'm on my second Artist series back cover. This time, I made sure that USB cover is sealed tight. Where I'm at, Palm company store in Bay Area, they were out of the Michelle/Fish back cover. That was my favorite too.

    Really, all the Pixi back covers should have been solid state to begin with, no moving parts.

    It's easier to remove to Artist Series back cover than the cheap build quality of the normal ones. If you want to hook up Pixi to your computer, just remove the cover.
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    This is a recent occurrence, within the last week: When I have my Pixi on my Touchstone, it wont charge until I flip the ringer switch.

    Wait, it gets more weird.

    When charging on the Touchstone, and I press the volume keys, the Pixi stops charging! And if I flip the ringer switch it will also stop charging.

    NOTE: I have an Artist Series back cover for the Pixi.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    Well, scratch off the charging issue. Maybe the rest will fix itself! See below.

    I went to a tech Sprint tech store. The ringer switch charge thing repeated itself again (While on the touchstone, turning on the ringer switch charges the phone!)

    Turns out my Artist series back cover was the problem. (The Sprint tech dude did a quick switch to test.) Luckily, I have a spare regular Touchstone back cover, the all-black one with the indented polka dots on the back. But these covers only last about 3 months, before they start to loose its elasticity/grip on the Pixi. The sides of the cover actually peel off! I actually saw one on a Pixi at a Sprint Store that was EOL (end of life). Again, the cover sides made the Pixi look like it was about to explode!
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    they're not as well made as the standard plain covers that come with the phone. I hope they come out with new improved version soon.

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