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    For a couple of months now, my Palm Pixi will randomly stop pushing email (Yahoo and Gmail) to my phone.

    I was able to re-set it, but that only lasts for a week or less.

    Palm Support made me do a hard reset, uninstall and re-install accounts (several times), change mail settings, etc.

    Finally, I called Verizon and made them send me a new phone. It has worked fine for about two weeks, and has now stopped again.

    It is SO frustrating! I've been trying to find solutions online, but really haven't seen anything helpful, so thought I would try here!

    Anyone else having this problem??
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    Link your yahoo account to your gmail account. Go to Yahoo!, go to options and setup the email forwarding to your gmail account. go to your gmail account and confirm it and you should be all set. then just go into your email and remove the accounts. re-add the gmail account and set the time to check to as items arrive.
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    ^^^ that cost money to do $20 a year for yahoo to forward your email
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    Not at all. Well, i have SBC global which is at&t, so maybe it's different than your standard user account.
    Verizon Pixi Plus on 1.4.5 w/ Preware
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    Thanks for your reply! I've tried removing and re-adding the accounts and it doesn't seem to work for any length of time. It just seems bizarre and neither Palm nor Verizon can figure it out.

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