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    i am having trouble with WebOS Quick Install v3.0,after i pick the preware and the other program to instal,i click on install and all it keeps saying is connecting to device,its been like 5 hrs i am trying to do this,can someone please help me..
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    I had the same problem with 3.0. It was fixed with 3.01 and there is now a WOQI 3.02. I have been using that for a day or so with no problems.
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    so can you please tell me what to do cause i am new to this
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    If you go to the forum page about WOQI 3.02, you should download the new version to where ever you installed the previous one.

    On that same forum page there is a link to en extensive how to PDF that goes into WAY more detail than I can.

    Let me know how you get on with it.

    I hope the links help.

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