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    Apparently, in order to accomodate the Pixi 80 pixel deficiency, and the prevalence of 320x480 wallpaper, they decided that instead of just centering any wallpaper you throw at the Pixi, there would instead be an absolute 40 pixel offset at the bottom.

    SO... if you, logically, create 320x400 wallpaper, it will not be centered on the Pixi, it will be shifted down 40 pixels on the screen and there will be a gap at the top.

    In order to make proper wallpaper for Pixi, you must add 40 pixels to the bottom of whatever you make. These 40pixels will not be displayed. SO, you could go with 320x440. The pixi will ignore the bottom 40 pixels. Or you could go with 320x480, which will cut off 40 bottom pixels and the top 40 pixels.

    Lazy programming.
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    Almost posted a new thread on this, but found this with persistent searching. This is annoying. I set my wife's wallpaper to a digital camera photo with a 4:3 ratio (I forget the size) that I use as the wallpaper on my Pre, and the launcher covers the bottom part of it. Interestingly enough, the gap between the top of the screen and the top of the photo is the same. I haven't tried different sizes yet, but it makes it appear the gap at the top is fixed, not the gap at the bottom.
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    Whenever I have wallpaper drama, I just use another one

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