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    Running Desktop 4.1.4.
    After adding a category and saving it while editing an event. All non-unfiled events are turned in to color blocks for the categories. They can not be edited. When I sync they are fine on the 650. The only way to get them back on is to edit another evend and delete the category which they then become unfiled.
    I have duplicated this on both my laptop and desktop.
    Anyone else seen this.
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    When viewing these appointments on the desktop, have you checked to make sure that you're looking at "All" categories instead of "Unfiled"?
    V > Vx > m505 > m515 > T/T > T3 > TC > 650 > 680
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    I was viewing another forum and saw that. I feel like a complyet ID-10-T.
    What threw for a loop was I didn't select that but I should have seen it.

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