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    Everytime I try to run the game Sky Force it resets my 650. anyone have any ideas or experienced the same issue?
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    After a reset dial ##377# or ##377, what is the error? Did you just install Sky Force? Have you tried removing it and reinstalling?
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    hmmm...I've had no probs with that game and run it off of the card with initiate
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    Works perfectly for me. I did get one crash when I first transferred it to the card but I think it worked fine after that.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    I did the #*#377 and it just says fatal error caused by Sky Force. idownloaded the app through Blazer onto my card and unzipped it using Explorer. When I try to launch the game straight through Explorer it resets immediately. So I tried copying it to RAM, but I have the same result when I launch it from RAM as well
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    try installing it through Hotsync from your PC to the card.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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