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    I'm a longtime 7135 user. Back in OS4, the best way I knew to use the memory in the SD Card to run applications was PowerRun. As of course you know, PowerRun copies an App and ALL of its databases and settings files to the SD card when you're not using the app. When you run the app, PowerRun copies all those files to the Internal ram, runs the app, and then copies it all back when you're done using it. Very clean, but it took time.

    Back then, the reason to use PowerRun instead of ZLauncher's or LauncherX's built-in RAM launcher functionality was becuase, though the App itself could be moved to the Card, all of its databases and support files were still living in Internet RAM, taking up space.

    So, has anything changed between then and now? Does LauncherX, ZLauncher, or some other launcher NOT leave all these support and data files on the Intenal ram? Or does OS5 and NVFS allow an app and all of its data files and databases live on the SD Card all the time these days, making programs like PowerRun unnecessary?

    Bascially, I'm looking for some guidance to best take advantage of my SD card and keep my Internel Ram as clear as possible.

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    I've been really happy with ZLauncher, works great. Transfers most apps to SD card, quickly. I recommend ZLauncher, it will make your RAM happy
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    Check out linkstart. It does what you want, does it well, and the basic version of the program is free. I've been using it for 6 months on my 650 without problems.

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