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    I'm currently evaluating Chatter as an alternative to Snappermail which I've been using. Love the async operation and "push" for my imap mailbox at work.

    I also have a personal POP3 mailbox, that I like to check on occasion. On Snapper, I could move certain of these POP3 messages to a "saved" or named folder. Can the same thing be made available on chatter?

    One other minor feature request. I'd like to be able to read my email box backwards, starting with the most recent message at the bottom. If I delete that message or skip it. it should go to the previous message. That's the way it works on Snapper. Does chatter do this already and I missed it?

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    Chatter doesn't have local folders for POP3 yet (but it's in the plan). You can sort either way, UNLESS you're using Summary mode (there's a menu command for "Sort Reverse").


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