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    i hAaaaVe tRRi1ed almmo--st eveeery permutation of KeyCaps600 sssetttttTings and still''' haven't found perfection...

    In the interest of everyone with two left thumbs and those unable to reach tweaked KeyCaps nirvanna please list your KeyCaps settings and your rational behind them.

    Any other KeyCaps wisdom you can volunteer would be helpful too!

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    Click: L-> U-> O
    Timeout 300 ms

    Hold: lower eeeeeee
    Delay 300 ms

    Repeat rate: 14/s
    Delay 300 ms

    I cannot use the Hold option for toggling case etc as I use Butler to use Hold to launch applications.
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    I like it
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    Click option 150ms
    Hold Lower Upper Option 140ms
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    click: lower e

    hold: L>U>O:e>E>1

    delay: 300ms

    my "why" is because doubleclicking to get a capital letter or number takes more energy than just holding the button [lazyicon]
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    I have keycaps & butler. I can double click a key for the number/special character and hold for CAPs. My settings are:

    check disable in phone app
    check enable on reset
    Click: option 1 190ms
    Hold: upper E 200ms

    K launch Keycaps ignore: 2
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    Do you have to let-go quickly after the key has been capitalized? to prevent an application from running?
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    You can adjust how long a delay there is before the launch with the Butler "Ignore repeats" option.

    However, I've been working with Rob of Hobbyist Software on a better fix for the Keycaps-Butler compatibility mess, and a forthcoming - hopefully soon - version of Butler should completely resolve all the problems with Keycaps and K-Launch.
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