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    I am now on my third or fourth (can't remember) T600 for various reasons. I just received the new one a couple months ago, and already it won't charge. I took it into Sprint, and they said that a small piece of plastic inside the connector was broken. It does look like a small corner broke, but I can't hardly believe it. I am very carefull with it. I have never had anything like this happen with any of my other cellphones, nor do I recall any family member or friend having this problem with their cell phones. Has anyone else experienced this? I searched the forum but nothing came up.
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    I am on my 5th T600 for various reasons too. This particular one has lasted me the longest, but one or two of the metal prongs in the connecter slot on the bottom of the phone are crooked. I can still charge and sync, but the charger doesn't lock in anymore. I have to jiggle it around to get it to give an uninterrupted charge. I'm not willing to get another one yet, but if I find anything else out I'll post it. Please do the same. Thanks.

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