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    Hey all, we here at Nextworks have finally released the first full version of NexChange Corporate Professional. It comes with a full 30 day free trial and if you like it, you can buy it right on the device.

    The Corp Pro version has both the NexChange app as well as the NexMail app. NexChange synchronizes all of your PIM data, or your Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks from your native Palm PIM DB's with an Microsoft Exchange 2000 or 2003 server without requiring ANY type of silly redirector or MASSIVLY cumbersome middleware server/agent as is required by BlackBerry, Good, Seven, Extended Systems, etc.

    Now don't get me wrong, BlackBerry and Good and the others are all, well, good...but seriously....IT SHOULD BE A WHOLE LOT EASIER and NOWHERE NEAR as expensive to get your important information in and out of your Palm based device.

    NexMail does the same thing for your just works.

    So go get yours here:

    For technical support point your browser to , register and open a ticket or call 256-GOT-NEXT

    **For those of you that participated in the somewhat painful RC program, you will be getting registration keys for this feel free to download it and enjoy
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    Wow! I actually got email to work with this version! That's the very first time!
    Thanks dtdionne!!! I'm a believer now!
    (not sure what happened, but my initial full synch stalled at 344 of 384, but when
    I clicked cancel, I did have email synched to my inbox).
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    Currently I hotsync my Treo with my home computer were I get my personal Outlook email, contacts, tasks and calendar events. I have no connection with my work Outlook data, which I want desperately want. My work IT folks plan on upgrading Xchng to 2003 later this year, but have already told me they probably won't open up the Activesync option because of security concerns.

    Can I use your product to get around the problem of the Treo not being able to synchronize with two different installations of Outlook, one at work and the other at home?

    Also, where do you install the software you download from your site?
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    I cannot get mail to sync. I am using the same setting as the calendar sync and it connects to my OWA fine. However, of the 246 calendar events I have it has stopped at 109 and has not moved for over 5 minutes. Is this normal? I REALLY want this to work but have never gotten any release to perform.
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    What about those of us that want to use a "silly" redirector?
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    Leamongrass, we burried our heads for the last couple of months and i actually picked up the keyborad and pitched it as a developer. We neglected pretty much everything to personally and professionaly to get the apps where they needed to be. They arent perfect but they are LIGHT YEARS from where they were.

    I have been using them successfully for about a month and I am simply tickled silly that I now have a solution for myself, which is really what started this whole thing, and im even more tickled that i can share it. Thanks for the feedback and dont hesitate to open a ticket on the helpdesk...I have two people helping me there now and one of them is a VERY strong IT guy that adds a great deal to our effort. His name is Mark Brotcke and he is really picked up a lot.

    The system we have in place for the helpdesk is awesome, its a full CRM with integrated Development Tracking and QA Testing so if you have an issue with the apps it can quickly be escalated for development attention and as quickly back down thru QA testing on the way back out with the fix.

    Matt J, NexChange will be able to help you if your IT dept opens OWA (outlook web access) which is a web based access method to your exchange data. In fact if your companies current Exchange solution is 2000 and owa is enabled, our product will work for you now. Since this version is a corporate solution you will want to install NexChange on your work computer and unfortunatly our product also uses the native pim DB's so it wont solve your problem of wanting access to, while keeping separate, both of your work and personal outlook data.
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    txschafers, i have offered you my phone number a bunch of times, please call me so that I can help you. 256-468-6398, or skype:dtdionne, or aim:dtdionne or . There is a TON of stuff i can do to pinpoint you just have to give me the chance.

    KRamsauer, if it works for you then i would say your taken care of...and thats what this is all about.
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    I will give you a call today..Thanks!!
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    Congrats on making this milestone! Thanks for all your dedication, comittment, hardwork, ect.... I'm looking forward to using your service for many years. try to get a little sleep!

    "I Sync, therefore I AM!"

    BellSouth became Cingular, left for ATT, who became Cingular, who became ATT. Is that right?
    Visor Pro > Vx > Treo600 > Treo650 > Treo680 > Tilt!
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    I'm gonna give this a try.

    My concern is that my IT department has tight controls and the only thing that has worked for me is using the Seven software with Cingular.

    My company is a Blackberry shop and really doesn't support Treo.

    I hope this works.
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    McTreo, thanks much, that means a lot...its been/is a crazy journey...

    rziems, it will work for you if you have OWA access outside your firewall.
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    Thanks for the response dtdionne. I don't mind having one calendar that combines work and personal data on my Treo, as long as I can still use Hotsync at home for personal data and NexChange CP for work data. Please confirm and you'll have another customer.

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    Matt J, know...I think that just might work! Be sure you install Nexchange on your work computer to disable your pim conduits and give it a shot!! Be sure to backup everything though. Also feel free to call me, i would be glad to be on the line with you as you journey down that road
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    Hey all...well as tsxchafers and i found out today...nexchange and active sync, unsurprisingly, do not get along. Jeff introduced them at calendar item 109 and they immediatly fought over it duplicating it an amazing amount of times. so, that means you that if you have activesync enabled, you would be best to disable it if you would like to try nexchange.

    Once we disabled activesync on his device, nexchange completed as it should...
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    Also, i said this in another thread but its worth posting again...

    Keep in mind that we are going to be making MONUMENTAL improvments in stability and features over the next few months to v.1 of these apps....this is just a starting point, you can look forward to amazing improvments and additional features. And, on the helpdesk, you can not only open a ticket for support, but you can also open a ticket for a feature request that will be tracked and that you will get responses on.

    SO THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING!!! We made this version with virtually no money....just imagine what we can do with a little money because almost all of the money made from sales of this is going right back into the company along with some venture money.
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    How do I get NexChange Corp Pro?

    The link is broken .....

    About to spend silly money on Good if I can not find an alternative ....

    please .....
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    When I log in to my OWA, i'm asked to enter first my login name, then a popup login box is displayed where I enter my domain, user, and password. I'm not sure if this is the issue, but I've never been able to get nexchange to connect to my OWA...
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    hey redhead, what version of exchange are you connecting too? Also feel free to call me at 256-GOT-NEXT (468-6398), i would love to hear from you and help get you up and running....
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    stephen and all, i am fixing an error in the installer that wasnt disabling the outlook conduits, i should have it back up soon...
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    dumb question - I use AOL for email, will this work>>??
    Cingular 680
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