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    I have a treo 600 using ringo 4.39 and when I get a call thats not programmed in my address book, it just says "Unknown Caller" instead of showing the caller ID, and these #'s used to show up on my phone, anyone know what the problem is?
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    are you usinjg thye announce feature?
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    i just downloaded it, some weird guys voice now just says "unknown caller", but it doesnt show the # still
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    That me clarify what I am asking. I am asking if you were using the announce feature (had this feature enabled) when you experienced the problem. That will help to clarify the problem and possible resolution.
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    No I wasn't using the announce feature, but i downloaded the trial of it after u mentioned it, it didnt work then either. does no one else have this problem? i deleted ringo today & the caller id works again for numbers that arent in my address book. so i dont wanna install ringo again untill i can find out how to fix this. its a great program & i'd luv to be using it.
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    I figured out a solution, it still shows "unknown caller" but if i go to the Call Log later and highlite the Unknown Caller and click 'details', it'll show their #
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    i think i just realized the prob.. if i use a pic for the Unknown Callers it doesnt show the #, if i dont use a pic it'll say "Unknown Caller' plus the #

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