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    I stopped using VersaMail for syncing to my Outlook corp mail because of the many problems setting it up and keeping it working...problems such as calendar updates only going one way, calendar entries being duplicated when time zones change, messages syncing properly to begin with, and then suddenly not working, requiring the account to be deleted and recreated on the Treo to get it to work.

    I would really like to use it but before going to the trouble of trying to set it up again and then having to fix problems, I thought I would ask the question first:

    What did they fix in the latest version of VersaMail? Has anyone tried using ActiveSync (or whatever it is called) to sync to their Outlook server mail and calendar? Did they fix the problems we were having?
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    Versamail 3.1B in firmware 1.12 crashed my Treo the first time I tried it. I configured it with two POP3 accounts and setup auto sync. Then I checked my mail manually to make sure everything was working and it locked up half-way through checking my first account. After the reset, all of my preferences and registrations were gone and didn't restore properly after a hard reset and Hotsync. BackupBuddy saved the day.

    YMMV but I'll never touch the POS again.
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    Not sure what was fixed but it works great with my GMail account. I will go back to Snapper if they ever release a new version. For now, Versamail works great!
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    Versamail 3.1B on Sprint works fine with my company's Exchange server, but so did the earlier version. Getting pop mail from Yahoo works, but despite setting it to retrieve mail < 1 day old, at each sync it retrieves random old msgs. That wasn't fixed from the last version.

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