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    Hi, after i installed the new firmware for the GSM treo 650, ive made a few calls to my friends at work and everything. The phone feature is good, the sound is much higher but when i switch to speaker, my friends cant hear me well and they said i have too much noise in the background.....

    Im not sure if its because of the firmware or the hardware, but its leanning close to firmware issues because it never happened b4 with the old firmware.

    I just wanted to know if anyone else was experiencing this problem and if there can be any opinions on what could be the problem or solution.

    Thank You
    ---- Lei
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    additional speaker phone problem (with unlocked GSM v1.28):

    the speaker phone is half duplex (could be caused by noise reduction/cancellation feature). When the other end is talking, the other end can't hear my voice at all. This causes a big issue when the other end is in a noisy environment.

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