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    I've purchased from them in the past and I had no problems- just wondering if any of you experienced the same . . .

    For my new 650, I purchased their $10 package of a pen stylus, home charger and car charger. I ended the auction but didn't pay for a day or two (we lost power and I forgot), and then once I paid for the item I instantly got an e-mail saying that the products were defective and they would send me an e-mail once they had more from the manufacturer to send out. No refund was mentioned, nor was a time frame of when to expect new ones, and I wondered how long I was going to have to wait. Has anyone recently purchased these from ebay (, and if so, have you had problems with them?

    I wasn't expecting much (well, maybe I was since I've purchased a lot from them in the past and haven't had a problem), but I just wondered if anyone else got this e-mail or had problems with their purchases.
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    Ya know, I just ordered a car ac holder + home charger from them and received the same automatic email reply. I then sent an email reply requesting a discount off shipping and handling.

    Eforcity replied the next day saying they just shipped out my order *which was odd...*, gave me a tracking number, and that I would be receiving it in 7-14 days.

    I checked on the tracking number they gave me for the next 3 days or so and it turns out the package was received in Richmond, CA yesterday...and I live in San Jose! I notified them of the possible mistake and am awaiting their response. Im hoping everything turns out alright but Im not going out without a fight...even for a $7 auction.

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