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    Do you guys use this secuirty function?

    I always have it on ... getting annoyed with entering the code all the time to unlock it. If I lost my phone one day .... and soome fool is using it, b/c I didn't have the auto system lockout, I would really hate myself.

    Is there program out there that allows the system lockout to kick in when you turn the radio on/off? < --- like a normal cellphone.

    I know with TreoGaurd, this is getting really annoying with hanging up or confrenece calling or dailing numbers when your on the phone and the screen is off.
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    I use TreoHelper. It has a humber of functiuons which aren't specifiacally designed for the Treo 650 that I don't use. One function that it has, which is great, is the abilty to set it such that when you SMS your phone a specified message (I use "lock") the phone locks up. All the user can see is the "owener" screen and must enter a pssword to get in. Otherwise the only functionality is for an emergency call. It's free and very trsutworthy. A seasoned Palm user may find a way to circumvent it (perhpas a soft reste?) but the average person on the street would ot have such luck.

    So if you lost the phone, all you would need to do is borrow someone elses SMS phone or find an internet connetion and you can shut down the Treo and keep it safe from prying eyes.

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