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    New to the 650 and I have a question that I haven't been able to find already answered on here. When I am done using the unit and I'm ready to throw it back into my purse, the 600 made me in the habit of pressing the little "brightness/lock" button on the keypad to turn off the screen. I try to do the same thing on the 650 (which is now the power button), and I get a weird double flicker on the screen. I've seen a few other 650's and they didn't do this. I have a sprint with the latest FW updates . . . is this related to the hideous delay when using favorites buttons to dial?

    Just wondering if there was something that I could do to prevent this, or if it's normal and I'm being overly cautious of my new expensive toy.
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    My 1st 650 died - speaker peoblem - and was replaced. The replacement (refurb) exhibits this flashing behavior, while my original did not. I was concerned at first but I don't really notice it now.
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    mine too. lame

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