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    like an ***** I upgraded to v2.7 and then v2.7b and didn't have a backup of v2.6a ...

    v2.7/b no longer uses pTunes, but it's horrible and buggy and locks my Treo up. I should have backed up the working v2.6a but did not (never again, ugh).

    If anyone knows where a copy of that is still floating around, you'd rule.

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    yes please. please post it.
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    I have the 2.51 version that I downloaded from Handango. I upgraded to 2.7 and it my SMS tones started acting crazy and there have been a few resets. Going back to 2.51 for now, would be happy to try 2.6a if anyone has it. I already have PTunes so I'll stick with the previous more stable versions of MRing
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    yes; I have only v2.51 as well -- dunno how much v2.6a differs from it really (in the changelog it has 'security improvements' or some such, but nothing that would add to the program ...
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    I have mRing v2.8 and i'm still having the same problems. I had to set my VM message to default (which is nothing) and now it doesn't loop when I get a VM. By loop i mean it plays like 1/8th of a second of my mp3 then repeats that over and over until it soft resets. I'm also having trouble when an unknown caller calls, it doesn't play anything or when I get an SMS or MMS it doesn't play anything. I've set everything I needed to and made sure mRing was set to on. Anyone had any luck with this yet?
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    The 2.6 works fine on my Treo600.
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