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    Does anyone have problems with their Cingular GSM 650 causing intereference on just about everything? I mean I hear the intereference in everything from another hard wired phone, to my headsets to speaker phones in the office that aren't even on a call. My business partner usees a 650 from Sprint and it doesn't seem to cause the intereference.... But if I am connected to GPRS for email or anything its constant interference.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    This has been answered here so many times before. Please do a search for a more detailed answer, but this is what happens with GSM phones due to the frequency. Bottom line: There isn't anything that can be done unless you try positioning your phone in various ways or just turning it off temporarily while on your computer, etc.
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    lawilson2, I actually searched before I posted for GSM Interference and a couple of other iterations of that and came back with nothing. can you suggest a search? or maybe you have the thread title?

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