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    wouldn't an app that looked like blazer with xiino's speed be wonderful. is there an alternative to either of these two?
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    ya, the perfect alternative...dont browse.
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    well i find myself using the net when i'm in the car to check movie times, use mapquest, check the surf report....lots of actually usefull stuff. i dn't browse perse. but thanks for the sound advise
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    i heard that webviewer is great also but i don't have any personal experience with it but check it out it might be what your looking for..
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    I think WebViewer is just as fast and maybe fasterthan Xiino, plus it formats pages better. Nothing is as slow or as nice looking as Blazer.
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    Blazer probably only one , doing wide page mode..
    oh, and still no Java in either of them..
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    I second WebViewer by Reqwireless
    It's by far the best browser in terms of working with the most web sites (works with more sites than Xiino.) It is Proxy based like Xiino, so it's fast.
    But the user interface designed for small cell phones (Java) so it may seem a bit strange. Also, you will have to download and install Java from the PalmOne Treo 650 support site.
    It formats pages well, but uses larger fonts (like Xiino) and doesn't render HTML tables very well.
    The upside is that if you click a link to a PDF, it'll display the PDF in the browser rather than try to download it. This is a huge plus as it allows you to view them online.

    If you do so, make sure you go in to prefrences. under IBM Java make sure you check "Use high resolution coordinates" so that WebViewer will render hi-res images instead of low res.

    I use both Xiino and WebViewer as well as Blazer depending on the site.

    But Xiino and WebViewer are the only two alternatives out there for Treo.
    I'm hoping that eventually Opera will support Palm OS, that would be nice, but as of right now they don't.
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    thanks for the advice i'll definitely check out webviewer. do you suppose with these fast pdas that we will eventually have the ability to open more than one page at a time? or possibly in the future release of opera for pda, even have tabbed browser?
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    although a bit slower, only Blazer renders the sites I go to properly. the other 2 listed fail horribly, although they ARE faster at rendering improperly.
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    I currently own Webviewer and although it is faster then Blazer it seems significantly slower then Xiino. If Xiino would just update it user interface it would be the best browser out there.

    You can also try the patched version of Webpro 3.0. It renders nice and fast. The only problem with that one is you have to use your stylus and it crashes periodicly.
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    If I want pretty rendering, I use my laptop. If I want quick information, I use Xiino.
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    I believe i found the problem in Xiino: memory management. When a page is kind of screwy, it overtakes the heap and causes a crash.

    I've found that using UDMH has solved the problems with resets in Xiino simply by changing the default 2MB heap to 4MB. That program is really amazing. I get no more errors about 'not enough memory to zoom into this picture any further' from splashphoto.

    And I'm guessing that's why my Web Pro doesn't crash very often. folks, if you want pretty pages and quick loads, web pro is the best.
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    Okay, so far there is

    1. Xiino (which says on its sight it can do Javascript...i havent looked for java applets etc, but im guessing for that one you need the IBM thingie, again just a guess)

    2. Reqwireless WebViewer apparently that one needs the IBM download for sure

    for a second I thought Opera was supported...but i guess i was wrong
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    Mozilla needs to join the party.
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    Where can one found software for the Treo? I've searched at TreoCentral as well as at PalmGear, but I couldn't found neither Xiino nor WebViewer.

    The URL:s in this thread only works for Xiino, which I'll now try out...
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    if you dont like the way Xiino looks........just add some color to the icons.........

    thats what i did and it looks a heck of a lot better.....and believe me, im no artist, esp on the comp.................
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    How can we color the icons in Xino?
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    I've been using the "basic" version of Opera mini (instead of the very crash prone "advanced" version of Opera Mini) and have been VERY impressed with it.

    It is very stable, very fast, displays graphics very well, and is able to deal with a lot of sites that totally screw up blazer (such as booking a hotel at

    If you already have Java, you should try Opera Mini basic.

    Oh, and hey, you all keep talking about webviewer as if you can still download and install it. I can't find a download link or anything. Where do I find it?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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