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    Hey guys, I know everyone cherishes their treo 650 as much as I do. I needed some help. Can someone send me a few hi-res close-ups of the blue plastic that holds the antenna? You know the faceplate basically but just the section near the antenna. I'm wanting a side view. If you were looking at the Treo from the stylus side. Basically I can't tell if there's a crack there or if it's meant to be there, and it's driving me crazy. So can someone here please help me by taking a hi-res pic of it. Again, the side with the stylus is closer to you, so the inner side of the plastic. I have a Sprint one, so I say blue, but whatever color really. Thanks everyone!
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    I posted this on HoFo already, but here you go again.
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    Wow, that is the biggest antenna, ever!
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    I have 3 little lines (thin hairs) that look like cracks, but I think they're just discoloration in the silver.

    I never even noticed until you pointed me in that direction...
    Thank you very much! Now it's going to drive me insane! ;-)

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    I just say no to crack.
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    Well considering we all spent a bundle on them, I notice every little detail. I just got it recently and havent done anything to it,so if it were a crack, I'd want another one! But yes, it's three thin lines. My concern was the one to the left in that picture, atleast on my phone looked like a crack to me. Atleast on my phone it does. On his picture, it looked normal. if I can find a way to take a picture, I'll upload it, but yeah it was freaking me out looking like a crack. Thanks guys. Obviously it's not a crack, but boy I was freaked there for a second.
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    I have the same on mine, from the looks of it its not a crack, the firs one is where the phone splits in half and the second line is a ridge in the plastic not a crack. I also don't like crackedheads
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    Daftek, there's actually three lines, not two. The middle line, is where the phone splits in half. Then there's a line to each side of it. The one farthest right is a ridge as you put it. The one I was concerned with was to the left of it. It was so small, so it was difficult to tell if it was a crack or just another ridge. my thing was, why would they put a ridge there?
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    I don't think these are cracks, but parts of the case moulding.

    I'm looking at my pair of 650's - one 3-4 weeks old, and the other still in it's box.

    To me, the middle line is the joint between the front and back case mouldings - just look round the other side of the antenna. The line on the right is clearly present on both mine (unlooked GSM's) and to me looks like a shallow step in the rear moulding.

    The line on the left is just visible on both, and again, looks like a step in the mould.

    None of them looks like cracks to me IMHO.
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    I figured that Bob, thanks. As I said, I was just worrying, since I just got the phone, and wasn't sure what was happening is all. Thanks everyone

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