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    I have had great luck with my Treo 600 (Verizon) but the other day I let the battery go dead so I plugged it in in my car using an IGO. I put it in the AC cradle as soon as I could and it booted up, so I did a hard reset followed by a synch and all seemed well. Last night I dropped it in the cradle and it started switching between green and red (light) and the audible connection notifier keeps cycling. I turned the sound off and it evidently charged as I got a 100% reading this AM. It still cycles when in the cradle. Did I fry the battery?
    I saw a post that referred to a "battery reset", what is that? Any Ideas?
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    You hit <k> and <backspace> at the same time that you press the reset button. It's not as hard as it sounds, use your index and middle fingers with your thumb on the back to press the keys, reset with your other hand. Make sure you back up before you do this, it fries everything. My treo died yesterday, wouldn't go into wireless mode, said there wasn't enough power to activate it even though the battery was at 100%. The battery reset was the last thing I tried (still didn't work), now waiting for a replacement

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