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    I have a car charger that plugs into the "cigarette-lighter" power source and has a USB slot. I also have a Seidio USB-to-Treo cable that I bought from TreoCentral. But I don't know if I can use them together, because I don't know where this car charger is from. Did TreoCentral throw it in the box as a surprise (or unintended?) gift? Or did I get this thing years ago? I just don't know.

    So, is there any chance that a Treo could be harmed by plugging it into a car adaptor that wasn't the right kind? How can I find out if this adaptor is the right kind?

    It has 2 stickers on it. One says "IC-USB M511030" and has the "CE" European standard symbol. The other sticker says "e13 [in a box] 02 0749".

    So, to quote 'Marathon Man', "Is it safe?"
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    Does it have any indication of its output voltage AND amperage? The Treo can only use 5 volts at less than 1 Amp. Anything else will lilely damage it.
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    I don't see any indication of voltage or amperage, only the 2 cryptic stickers I mentioned. Does anyone recognize this car charger adaptor?

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