hi, guys.
it's been already a week i'm struggling on this.
vodafone Netherlands, Live subscription, 300 KB limit on MMS messages.
it works on nokia 6630, works on sonyericsson p900

i tried manual settings but with those on, i can't even send messages if i change parameter to other than "default".

I tried other SIMs from Vodafone, even tried other carriers (O2-telfort or italian carrier).

the TREO650 seems to have a slight problem with sending MMS's bigger than 100KB.

anyone knows why?
the error msgs i get are

manual config:
Your message was not successfully sent. The message size is too large. Please correct this error and try again.

(error is shown after the server negotiation, i suppose, because it comes after a few seconds)

automatic config:
The message is too large to send. The largest message size that can be sent is 100K.

(the error is shown as soon as i hit "send")

i think it's a treo limitation to be sure it works with all networks, but i'd love to be able to set all the parameters manually...
it's just that if i use the parameters it doesn't work.

is there anybody out there that may help?

highly appreciated