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    anyone have any input on this product? Looks great but before buying it I would like to know if anyone has it and is happy or dissapointed with it.

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    Here's a review that I found on the net. Not Treo 650 specific, but I thought it might be helpful:
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    the SuperTooth "was" great before the PalmOne 1.08 update for Sprint. Read this thread first.
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    mine seems to be working fine, even after the 1.08 update.

    Mine is made from a different manufacturer...same device but maybe that is why mine is working fine... also, I paid $149 for mine...
    there are pics in an older thread...
    a great device.
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    There's a few threads here on the boards here on the on SuperTalk and SuperTooth. My guess is that SuperTalk is the US branded version of the SuperTooth.

    I got 26 hits here on the board on a SuperTooth search and 4 more on SuperTalk
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    thanks ppl...I did my search incorrectly the first time, but after I learned...found the other posts...

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