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    With no EasySync available, my next option ....Calendar export from Lotus Organizer as a vcard file and import into PalmDesktop results in all appointment data being restored as a "note" rather than as it should such no text appears just a little notepad page which requires a bunch of tappies ith the stylus to check my day.

    Last time thru I was able to delete from palm Desktop (took a couple of tries) but then, when I thought I had also removed them from Treo, apparently they were hiding somewhere and got put back on.

    Can anyone give me the names of files (and backups) I gotta find to make this whole DB go away on both the desktop and 650 ? And how to stop BuB from tryin to put them back if it's gonna do it w/o asking.

    I killed


    on the desktop

    and a CalendarPD (I don't rememebr exact name)
    with FileZ (green)

    and I still got it back last time.
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    Did it again, ....this time it seems to have worked.

    Now anyone know how I can fix my export / import problems with no sync conduit yet available for Organizer ?

    1. If I do the export / import thing now for my calendar and then in two weeks, the next one will double the entries.

    2. The "fields" don't seem to be lining up with my appointmenst showing up in "notes" category. Any way to fix ?

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