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    I bought the BT200 Freespeak combo:

    But it wasn't all that good. The 'answer' button on the headset didn't answer the phone, you still had to press answer on the Treo. So I got an A210 and that fixed the problem.

    But I can't hear the phone ring through the headset. All sounds, other then phone conversation, is played through the Treo speaker. I get no notification of a new call from the headset itself.

    Is this normal?
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    try software: freedom by toysoft,
    lets you all sounds to be transfered to headset, including ring
    also check out callfilter
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    perfect. Thanks so much.

    Finally, no more missed calls in the car! Between the vibration of the car and the noise of the stereo I never could tell when the phone was ringing...

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