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    AceSystemInterfaceLayer.cpp, Line:453, Invalid Audio Profile.

    I got this message after a reset was caused by the Phone App.

    Just trying to understand it. Any help would be gravy!
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    Not sure what it means, but I am getting it also.. Actually mine is a bit longer than yours

    Caused by: ChatterUtils 1.0

    Line:438, Audio profile and audio
    path did not match


    Caused by: Launcher 5.2H

    Line:458, Invalid Audio profile

    can't seem to find anything online that says what exactly that/those mean.
    Joshua Miller
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    Insertion has had this. I think he posted it in one of the update threads.
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    I think it was just a hardware problem..memory bug or something. I got the Sprint store to swap it yesterday about and hour and a half after posting my above post.. got home, synced the same stuff that was on the rebooting treo to the new treo... and so far the thing hasn't mutter a peep since (a rebooting peep that is). Exact same software, exact same setup.. only difference is the device itself.
    Joshua Miller

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