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    Just got the T650. I like it, but my call logs didn't transfer over. I tried to copy the file, etc...isn't working. Can somebody tell me exactly how to do this? I looked for prior threads explaining this but haven't been able to find one that exactly explains it...
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    I don't think it can be done.

    If you are upgrading from a T600, you should use a tool like Comet on the T600 so you have the full call log on your desktop.

    Won't help you get it into the T650, but you will have the full call log and the ability to dump it to a spreadsheet or something if needed .
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    It CAN be done, but if you have a large call log, be aware that the file sizes are significantly bigger and so the Phone Log will take up a lot more space on the 650.
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    ^ Please explain so ddahorton and others in a similar position know what to do. How do you do it?
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    It CAN be done. When doing the upgrade from 600->650, I just copied the PhoneCallDB.PDB file (stored on my computer in c:/Program Files/Handspring/UserName/Backup/) to my new device, and my call log from my 600 was available on my 650!
    Hope this works for you!
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    Okay -- I just figured out how to do this. (I'm the one that originally posted in this thread.) First, the file is called PhoneCAllDB.prc. It exists in both your T600 and your T650, as long as you've already made or received at least one call. Now, if you simply try to beam the T600 file over to the T650, it doesn't seem to work, because the T650 recognizes it has its own file by that name, and won't accept the other one.

    HOWEVER: If you delete the file (more safely, just move it to your card, or send it to your laptop via beam or email or something), the T650 will accept the T600's file. I just beamed it over. Interestingly, it took up about 780K on my T600 -- and about 8 mb on my Treo 650! Needless to say, although I'm glad to know I have the option of moving my call log over (and keep in mind this was my call log for two T300s and T600s!!!) -- I'm going to keep it on my laptop. I want those records...but I'm not willing to take up space to do it.

    Oh...and I haven't figured out a way to make the call log accessible by the phone "call log" function but keep it on the SD card...that would seem to be the best option. If I figure out a way to do that, I'll post again and let folks know.

    Hope that answers above questions. Thanks for the hints, all.

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