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    Anyone know if any retailers in the SF bay area sell the minijack headphone adapter, or for that matter, a decent selection of accessories?

    thanks - mark
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    Radio Shack will sell the adapter although it's pretty huge.
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    Hi: If you are in the city you should try the first floor of the san francisco shopping center (get of powell Bart station and there is an exit that gets you right into the shopping center). I saw a palmone storefront setup there. They had mostly Treo 650 accessories but I saw some 600 accessories too. I remember seeing the L shaped headphone adapter.

    The adapter you can get in radioshack is straight and has to be filed down to fit snugly. I would'nt use it unless it used in a stationary mode like with an FM transmitter in a car. If you want to stay mobile with this thing go for L shaped adapter, its a lot safer.
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    Agreed, the Seidio adapter is much better than the palm L shaped adapter because it is lower profile at the phone. I just wish I would haver order several instead of one then I wouldn't have to move mine from home (for headphones) to car (for cassette adapter) to other car (for RF adapter) to office (for extrenal speakers) just to plug my Treo in to listen to MP3s.
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    thanks for the suggestion. I just hate paying more for shipping that the item's cost. I guess that means I'll have to buy something else as well


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