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    My unit resets often and I want to exchange it. Do I call customer service or tech support? What is the best way to handle this? Can the Palmone store in San Fran exchange it even though I ordered it form Palm online?
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    I'm pretty sure the store should be able to exchange it.

    As far as calling p1, you have to speak with tech support first, and once they have determined it as defective ( they'll walk u thru a hard reset etc ), they'll give you a case # and then you need to speak with customer service, reference the case # and they'll setup an exchange.
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    I replaced my constantly resetting phone with a second unit that works perfectly. Call the online Treostore on the P1 site, 1-800-881-7256, make your case, and they'll ship another to you and give you instructions on how to return the other unit. -TG

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