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    I think Marc is gonna add this eventually, but I thought I'd ask... is anyone else using an app to allow smaller fonts (ie; more text on screen) in the message view of Chatter... one that works reliably?

    Small fonts is one of the big reasons I upgraded to the 650 and want to take advantage as much as possible. I'm looking for an interim solution for this issue if anyone has suggestions.

    This is one of the aspects of Chatter, along with limited HTML viewing in messages, that are big minuses for me. It might seem like a pretty small deal to some folks, particularly given how feature-rich Chatter is... but, it's on my "A" list of features. Any suggestions would be appreciated for a workaround.
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    check fonts4os5

    you can get it at palmgear. search for some screen shots I posted in a font thread. It is a great app and makes chatter look very slick
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    Holy smokes!!! What a great application and it works really well with Chatter! Thanks for the suggestion. After trying it out, it appears some applications, when fonts are made smaller, actually allow more lines of text on the screen... this makes the app's modification really worthwhile. Some of the apps appear to only make the font of each word smaller, but keep the same number of words per line and lines per screen... which doesn't do much good. I'm sure this is based on the text coding for each app. But, for $12 this font program is a steal. Thanks again!!!

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