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    Anyone had any experience with using a bluetooth headset while your Treo is still in its case? I've got a 650 and the Jabra headset. From my limited experience, I know there needs to be a clear path between the Treo and the headset, otherwise you get some static mixed in the conversation.

    With my 300 I purchased a case from Nutshell which was a little pricey, but IMHO was worth it for the quality of the case. I want to purchase one for my 650, but I'm concerned that I'll always have to take it out of the case when I'm using the headset.

    Has anyone used their bluetooth while the Treo was in the case? Does the headset still come through clearly when the Treo is in the case or does it create static?


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    Unless you have voice command active the only thing you can do with your BT headset, when your Treo is in the case, is to answer incoming calls, and redial the last call.

    When talking on the BT headset you don't need to take the treo out of the case unless it makes you feel better, or if the sound quality degrades due to your body shielding the signal.
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    I have the Palm 650 Side Case and an I-volution. Neither case gives me probelms with my HBH-660.

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