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    I've had my Treo 650 for about 6 weeks now.
    I had the 600 prior to this, so I'm familiar with the unit in general.

    If I go into my Versamail program at all, the phone gets crippled.

    If I try to read, send or get mail, the whole thing reboots.
    If I've opened Versamail and then try to hit the PHONE button to make a call, the phone reboots.
    If I hit any other button, other than OFF, the phone reboots !!!!

    This is really pissing me off.

    I sat on the phone with Sprint and got transfered to 3 different 'tech' guys and no help.

    this is one of the major reasons for having this phone.

    My friend at work just bought one and his is doing the same thing, intermittently just like mine is.

    But it's done it all day today and is still doing it now.....

    Anyone know of anything ??????


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    I know of: Snappermail.
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    I think the following thread will fix you up:

    Of course, I intend on patching my phone with one of SM's images that doesn't include versamail. Mine reboots the phone whenever I update a contact's email address, I'm amazed that this product actually costs money. I understand snappermail may be a good alternative. Too bad we can't get a miniature build of Thunderbird for it.
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    Snappermail Snappermail Snappermail Snappermail Snappermail
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    Quote Originally Posted by rjmoose
    Snappermail Snappermail Snappermail Snappermail Snappermail

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    I have to echo de Snappermail support. I really tried to use Versamail, but it was simply a nightmare. Snappermail on the other hand is a pleasure to use. YMMV of course...
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    There are those of us who need ActiveSync, and thus must use Versamail. In fact, that is the most unique advancement of the Treo 650--licensed Microsoft technology for direct Exchange Server synchronization.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work properly.

    At this point, I am waiting for the GSM network folks to find out if they experience the same reboot issues; if so, we can rule out the network. If not, well I guess I will port over there....
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    I recently started having reboots when using versamail and am now trying out Snappermail. So for so good. Versamail is a buggy little app!
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    I used FileZ to delete out the files that were buggin the unit.

    I also bought Snapper Mail Standard Ed.

    How do I get Snapper mail only receive the NEW messages on the server and not ALL the messages there ???

    I have messages that are read, but not deleted on my 2 .mac mail addresses.

    I hit send/receive and it retrieves all the messages, new and previously read ones.

    There is nothing in the Pref. pane for receiving only NEW messages....


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