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    I tried mVoice, voice recorder and Audacity. By a HUGE margin Audacity is much better. Voice recorder wouldn't record to SD. it is free. but the file sizes were huge. and it would hang and reset on me. i lost a few important recordings. I use it for sales calls. mVoice user interface is cludgy and just not that good.

    Audacity let's you put in folders, and rename files. But for some reason when I rename it resets my 650. Anyone else? other than that, can't complain. Good compression, sound quality and easy to use. And i can use my phone headset to listen to the playback.
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    I too am an Audacity user and love it. I use the Professional version and it is by far the most feature rich product out there. I suspect that the reason that you are getting crashes when you rename the file is that you are violating a file naming rule. I know from experience that things like colons in the file name will cause trouble. I tried to put a colon as part of the time and the file structure balked. PC files have no-nos like this as well.
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    Sorry not to anser your question but rather to ask one. I have been using voice record, the free one and loving it, except I want the ability to rename and I had problems with VR resetting my phone if I accidently recorded something very short and then tried to listen to it. I want to make my recordings "to do"s that i can offload or email. Audacity allows this. And except for your one problem, both of you guys are happy?
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    i'm very happy with audacity. the reset isn't that big of a deal. and it doesn't matter what I rename it. it resets. it might be a conflict with something else i have installed.
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    I have the regular version on a Treo 600 and rename regularly without a hitch.
    I love my Treo 600 and Audacity, Snapper, Docs TG, Ptunes, and even Act for Palm now that I have added VolumeRocker and TreoTweak.

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    Smartphone, You have found a bug that we were not aware of. I use Cingular so I don't have a 650 yet. This is a bug specific to the 650. It has been addressed on the personal version and it will be fixed soon on the Professional version as well. Our web site has a new Personal version 1.54. Thanks for you kind comments about Audacity. We think its a great program too.
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    I agree that Audacity has the best fidelity, but mVoice has the best one button record option. Why can't one app have BOTH!!!!!
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