View Poll Results: What should happen when the top most message is selected in list view & you press Up?

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  • The mailbox dropdown is highlighted

    9 75.00%
  • Nothing

    2 16.67%
  • Something else

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  • I don't care. I only use the stylus.

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    Now that Marc has removed the navigation functionality whereby pressing Up when the top message is selcted the focus ring would move to the mailbox, could I get some feedback on this change?

    I was the person who originally requested this feature after I asked several Treo owners who did not yet own Chatter to try it out. In my test, all but one of the people I asked were frustrated that they couldn't move the focus ring to the mailbox by pressing Up from the top message. They also expected to be able to press Down or right from the mailbox to return to the highlighted message. This navigation is what VersoMail does.

    It also falls in line with one of the general navigation rules of the Treo UI: pressing the D-Pad in any direction should move the focus ring to the nearest visible control in that direction. In the case of the top most message, that control would be the mailbox when the user presses up. I realize there are exceptions to this rule throughout the OS, but I'd like to know from CE users what they'd prefer to see.

    In the end, it's Marc's call, and he has an outstanding sense of UI design, so I know it'll be great whatever happens. But I'd just like to hear from people here what they think.
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    ** 1.0b18.1
    * Rocker-up going to Mailbox popup is now a "Preference"
    Seriously, I don't mean to gush, but Marc, you rock like nobody's business. A class-act all the way. I'm very grateful for this addition - thank you. More Palm apps should have configurable UIs like this. Perhaps this is another CE first?
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    can we have it so that if you're holding the UP button you will stop on the top message in the folder view? then an additional UP press takes you to the folder name? this is how versa mail does it and it seems much better. anyone agree?


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