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    Based on your experience, what kind of bitrate do you need to guarantee decent video quality for a Divx movie on a Treo? I'm not talking DVD-quality, but just respectable image quality. Would 300 kbps be enough? Thanks.
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    I should add that I was thinking specifically of the 650. So a 320x240 resolution would be in order.
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    I use 100 for my 600.
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    I used 128 on my 600; I now use 196 for the 650 - the picture's gorgeous.
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    Revisiting this. Have a new 650, and 100 looks great for the most part, but gets very "blocky" (tiles) in others.

    How much would increasing the bitrate from 100 to 196 or the 250 range affect file size?

    (Also encoding with XVid and using TCPMP)
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    I like them higher quality, so I use around 300 and it looks great. I have seen others here say they use a 1.78 factor (i.e., 90 minute movie x 1.78 = 160.2 bitrate) which is acceptable.
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    Thanks. So how does if affect the file size? I tried Alexander at 100 kbps and it is about 250 Mb.

    I'm going on a trip tomorrow and would like to fit 2 or 3 movies on my extra 512 SD card.

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