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    Is it possible to rip DVD movies to the 650 with out a DVD RW on your CPU? I do have a DVD drive but no burner?
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    Anything with -r or -rw is intended to write to that format. CD-R will allow you to burn (write) CDs. DVD-R will allow you to burn DVDs.

    To "rip" (take content off and put it on your computer), you only need a drive that will read that format. So if you wanted to rip an audio CD, you would only need a CD drive. And to rip a movie off a DVD, you only need a DVD drive.

    (and the applicable software to rip, and then encode for your Treo)
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    So in other words, yes, if your computer has a DVD playing drive, but not a DVD recorder (a.k.a. burner), you can still rip or convert DVD movies to avi files to be played on the 650.
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    Thanks for clarifying that for me. Now I just need to download the right software to get the ball rollin.

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