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    ...I decided to delete TakePhone after having an issue with TreoGuard/TakePhone compatability and not letting me hangup an incoming call with my Scala haeadset. Here are my new problems after deleting TakePhone.

    1. My Phone app will not show my redial list. When I am in the phone app and press the Green Phone button, it does nothing but take me to the same dial pad again. I have no redial list. I need this fixed.

    2. While trying to pair my new HBH 660 I ran into a continous reset loop. I had to do a hard reset and restore from TealBackup. Now I can not get the HBH 660 to pair up at all. I am at a loss as to what to do. My Scala still works fine.

    As a side note TealBack up got me up and running again but it would not back up VoiceDial. It backed up some of the files with VD but not all and thus it would not run. Otherwise TealBack worked great.
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    Hi all,

    I think I know what the problem is for item 1 - Palm OS does not ave a mechanism for UNINSTALL, so if an application changes some system setting (for example - the assignment of a hardware button), this change does not get reverted if that application is then deleted.

    To solve this specific issue - please try and use the attached utility.
    Let me know if this did not help.

    Thanks !
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