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    OK, what gives with this. I try to access my mail and I get a half dozen resets in a row. Several hours later I try again and it gets the mail but now when I go through to delete items it resets.


    There's gotta be a thread on this already but I didn't find it in a search. Anybody else solved this bug yet?
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    Do a search in the forum - other threads exist that tell you how to do this, basically delete some Versamail files from your Treo, and then run it - it will recreate the files when you get your mail. Warning - you'll probably have to recreate your Accounts, so you'll probably want to write down your account settings before you do this....
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    I just went through this nightmare... It was apparantly caused (in my case) by some kind of kind of conflict between the 2 different POP email accounts stored in the Versamail setup on my computer (which was created using the quick setup method where it gets the info from Outlook) and the configuration I had created in the Treo itself. I *think* I caused the issue by experimenting too much on both the unit and the desktop software at the same time.

    I found on this very forum a thread mentioning using a free program called Filez to list and delete the Versamail files on the unit, which I did. I then went and deleted everything related to Versamail in any of the folders on my computer, including the backup folders. After this, I reconfigured a single POP email account, on the Treo itself, and left the desktop software alone. So far, after two days, it hasn't rebooted once. I'll try to find the thread I used which listed specific files to delete and post it here later.
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    Out of curiosity, can one have two different POP servers (and one IMAP server) setup on the 650. I get email in 3 places and would like my VersaMail to get them all....
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    Quote Originally Posted by rick325
    Out of curiosity, can one have two different POP servers (and one IMAP server) setup on the 650. I get email in 3 places and would like my VersaMail to get them all....
    I believe you can have up to 8 accounts configured. I had 2 working at one point (see previous post) and will do so again soon.
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    I have had the same issue. I have my VersaMail setup to a POP account as well as a Exchange Activesync account. The POP account I never have issues. I get the same problems as mentioned above with my Exchange ActiveSync account. I have tried using FileZ (before I read above) and had no luck. I have to delete the account and recreate/resync. I just think its a buggy app. I can see it's not only me that has this issue. I would imagine this will get fixed in the next patch.
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    I have two POP accounts, an IMAP, and sprintPCS email accounts set up on versamail. Sometimes I have problems downloading the mail from one of my clients, timeout error. I delete the MultiMail DIsconnect file using FileZ, that seems to correct the problem for me.
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    I unchecked the "download attachments" option in VersaMail preferences. This seemed to fix the reboots. I'm thinking it's a memory issue. I connect to a Exchange Server using the Activesync option in VersaMail. Most of the time it works, sometimes it crashes VersaMail. It still seems a little buggy. I'm sure it will get fixed in the next update.

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