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    ok, I got the 650 for cheap. have had it for one day and am thinking of going back to the 600.


    blazer takes more clicks to use then the old vr.

    my eyes are real tired from about an hour of use from the keyboard. its not even dark yet.

    the callender sucks....i need to use my finger on the screen to set my alarm. can't do it one handed anymore.

    I will stop there. bottom line this treo is much less one handed friendly, to bright, thumb controller is tight to press and tireing to use. this may seem like nit picky complaints, but when you send a lot of time on this phone you come into these problems a ton of times..
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    Ah, I think that you and I are of the same ilk. Read here:
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.
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    your thumb gets tired. that's a new one.
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    The screen is too bright? That is also a new one.
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    not the screen .... the keyboard
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    I can set the alarm with the just the 5-way. What can't you do?
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    yes I just figured that out. yet it takes an extra stroke of the dpad to do it.

    maybe its just mine, but any extra stroke of the dpad a dread cause it is so stiff to press... up and to the right only...

    does anyone else have a very stiff dpad?

    scott, your right, your post hit all my issues right on!

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