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    Just wondering if anyone else is seeing this...

    Randomly (it seems -- if there's a cause, i haven't found it), the backlight on the keys will stop functioning. I can be composing mail or browsing the web and notice the keys are not backlit. In once case a soft reset fixed it, in another a hotsync seemed to. Anyone else?

    Also, I'm using VersaMail to hit a standard IMAP4 account. I have it set up to delete from server when deleted from VersaMail. If I delete a message from VersaMail, then do a menu-L to sync server folders, it simply doesn't work. I just deleted spam from VersaMail, did a resync (over the air - not through hotsync) and the message is still sitting in my IMAP inbox...

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    VersaMail leaves the msg in your local trash and only does the delete on the server when it gets pushed out of the device trash folder. I think you can control how fast that delete happens on the device. Immediate is one of the choices. Or you can say empty trash to get it to happen immediately.

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