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    Quote Originally Posted by pizenson
    The survey's are keyed to keep someone from posting online for others to fill out. I'd love to see the results though...
    Then others should be able to use the general zoomerang link instead of the unique p1newsletter link:

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    They also had a survey for people just browsing the site for the Treo 650, asking what brought you to the site, why you didnt purchase that day etc. I stated that I was researching the product but I had a concern about the memory issues I have been reading about as I am not confident the Treo 650 would be able to support the applications advertised available for the Palm OS. This was a few days ago. If anyone is actually paying attention hopefully they get the message that potential customers are aware of this issue too and are actually trying to make informed purchases.
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    Dear Treo 600 User,

    We are conducting a short survey to find out how
    you are using the available memory on your smartphone.

    We would very much appreciate your taking a few
    minutes to answer some questions. The survey will
    take you less than three minutes to complete.

    Treo 600 User study:

    ALL information provided is strictly confidential to palmOne and
    will not be shared with any other party. Please note that Zoomerang
    is the service we have used to host this survey, but retains
    none of the results or responses.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

    We really appreciate it!

    -- The palmOne Marketing Team"
    To me this look's like an effort by P1's Mkt Dep guys to save some jobs by re-establishing through a second survey their "original" stand about 32MB too much for the average user!!

    I would love to see some HONEST results from this survey !

    and I mean REAL HONEST ...
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