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    I think i've decided that waiting for a verizon 650 would be too painful. So I've decided to go ahead and buy a 600. So my question is:
    a) any accessories I definitly need to buy?
    b) what are the essential programs I need to download? I know that theres snappermail, what else?

    Thanks a lot, as you guys probably noticed I'm new to this forum, so excuse my newbieness.
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    Get a sync/charge cable and car charger. There are combination and retractable ones. You'll really need these if you get a CDMA phone since the battery life is unimpressive. An external battery was a waste of money, IMO since I kept my phone in a case which would never fit with the battery attached.

    You might want screen protectors.
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    Get OEM cables and chargers (from P1 even), that's my my recommendation. As far as sw is concerned, it depends what kind of user you are. I like zlauncher, Butler, Phone Technician, Agendus, msafe, mlights, and Uninstall Manager to name a few!
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    Regarding the sync cable...I know that Treo is set to sync up with outlook. Is there anyway I can get it to sync with Mozilla Thunderbird? That is the email/contacts I use on my computer at home...
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    I'd recommend one of the off brand charging USB cables. They are great and less expensive than the PalmOne cables.
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    Zlauncher don't support 5-way nav right? I can't get to the categories menu with it....anyone can correct me?
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    And you'll want backup software (I use BackupMan, automatically backup up to an SD card every night) and at least one SD Card.

    If you get Zlauncher or something similar, it's very easy to install apps to RAM and move them to the card. Most will run from the card (ZLauncher actually swaps them in and out of ram as you run and exit them), and that saves a lot of memory.

    So, something like BackUpMan and an SD card. 512MB cards are really cheap from the online retailers.
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    Doing a search here for best applications will help a lot - there are several threads that post top 10 lists etc.

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