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    Thanks, much appreciated. I was editing when you were posting. I hope you get a chance to read beyond my EDIT.

    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    gfunk, when you have time. Come over to the LATEST BLUETOOTH CAR KITS thread and comment. We are discussing a similar issue with the TellPhone 4000 Blue. I always appreciate your insights. I am planning on installing it, integrating and pairing with the T650 in an Infinti FX 45. You will like it. It's very cool.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeRadio
    It works on the TL IF you initiate a call from the phone... sometimes you have to tell the TL to TRANSFER. Incoming calls work also.

    It is about 80% working.. there is no indication of battery sig stregnth and voicemail on the Tl either.

    The thing is... it ALMOST works.. which means once this patch come sout I am coinfident it WILl work.. it isnt like it is totally not working.

    It seems with the Tl AND ALL CARDS the phone loses contact with the car at some point... when a call comes in, that contaxt is restablished but without contact all the time you dont see the little phone icon and you can not make calls using the car system.

    So this should be simple.. they just have to make it so the bluetooth is ALWAYS in touch with the car kit.. very simple. This is NOT needed with a headset since only when a call comes in do you need the connection.. but the car kits always need to be bluetoothly connected to the phone.

    This does not seem tough and I am looking forward to using JUST the Treo 650 in the car and putting my SOny T608 on ebay and cancelling it off my sprint account!

    Thanks for clarifying. It sounds like you would get the 650 even though the integreation isn't seamless. Is that right? I guess this gives me some more food for thought. Why can't these things be easy?
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    I am confident they will fix it.. At leastr I have a T608 to dialk out on and a Treo 650 that half works with the TL
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    I bought an Acura TL and Treo 650 thinking the same thing as everyone else. Everyone except PalmOne. I shouldn't have assumed that the Notso Smartphone could talk with a premium Automobile. From all my calls to PalmOne and the run around they sent me on to Sprint and Acura, the two are not compatible, and no one knows if PalmOne will try to correct the software. I would think the Rocket Scientists in Marketing would try to have their product communicate with all the high end cars. Talk about free high end publicity. Beats spending money on their ads about emailing from Everest.
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    I got the exact same run around. The support line reminds me of that David Spade commercial where he's kicking back just saying "No". PalmOne doesn't want to deal with problems. Of course they're quick to take your money.
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    I would think the Rocket Scientists in Marketing would try to have their product communicate with all the high end cars. Talk about free high end publicity. Beats spending money on their ads about emailing from Everest.
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    palmOne posted a patch on their site for the Treo 650 and some carkits. The short list is for: Audi, Chyrsler, Honda, Acura, and a couple others; However no mention of Lexus (sadly), or Toyota. But we're making progress.
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    I have just taken delivery of a 2005 GX 470 and the bluetooth will not link up. The dealer said that Lexus(Toyota) suggests changing providers as they showed me three phones that linked with the hands free. None of them Sprint and all of them about half the price of the 650.

    I am mad, my 600 was just fine.
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    go update the 650 from palmOne. I finally got my 650 to pair and work with my LS 430.
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    I just installed the update and have the same dysfunctional results with my U Connect (Jeep). Can someone post the version under About Bluetooth Manager after applying the update ?
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    Got it to work with my Prius, at least for one outgoing call initiated from my one-touch dial via the Prius. The connection sounded noisy. Will test tomorrow more extensively, but at least the Prius says "Bluetooth Connection Successful" now instead of failed.

    Should be the same system as the Lexus. I'm surprised that Palm didn't list Toyota in the compatibility list. This leads me to believe that it's not 100% compatible / reliable.
    Treo 650 rocks!

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    It still won't connect with my Lexus LS430 (2004).

    61121cd - how did you get it to pair with your LS430?

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    Gman1000 - After update, Bluetooth Manager v1.0 (W)
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    Thanks. Same here. I was hoping I didn't complete the update properly but it appears I did. No improvements for me.
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    Ok, folks, I've installed the P1 Bluetooth update. Here's the status for TOYOTA PRIUS owners.

    Bottom line, the update still doesn't fix all the issues with the Prius's hands free system, but it is slightly better. The car will still _not_ correctly locate the phone during pairing. However, you CAN get it to pair using the same trick which worked before the update, which is to go through the pairing process on the car... then start the process on the phone when prompted by the Prius. When the phone finds the car, which it always has even before the update, the car will just sit as though nothing happened. Instead of hitting cancel on the car, just dial a number from your phone, and the car will pair.

    Now, the good news is, that after the update, I can now make more than one call from the Treo. Previously before the update, you could make one call from the Treo immediatly after the car was started, and it'd go through the hands free, but any other calls would simply stay on your phone. Now, multiple outgoing calls are recognized.

    The signal strength meter still _doesn't_ work. But, the other piece of good news, I can now receive calls and have them routed to the hands free system, multiple calls in fact.

    So, bottom line, things are still not working correctly, and the average user likely won't be able to figure anything out, but at least it works partially, and slightly better than before.

    Now, a question for ALL OF YOU... Anyone know how to make the 650 send the entire phone book via BT instead of just one contact at a time?

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    I followed the instructions on PalmOne's web page LITERALLY step by step and got my phone to work with the 2004 Lexus LS430. Everything now works! ...initiating calls, receiving calls, signal strength, etc.

    Adam - I was also able to transfer my entire phone book in one step by selecting "send category" in the contacts menu of the Treo 650.

    I'm one happy camper!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gman1000
    Thanks. Same here. I was hoping I didn't complete the update properly but it appears I did. No improvements for me.
    I got the following message when I tried to update:
    Incompatible Device
    The updater is not compatible with this device

    but my Bluetooth Manager version matches the one above (with the (W)). Did anyone else have this error?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lexusrx330
    works fine in my lexus rx330, bluetooth rocks!
    i have the lexus pairs fine, can make or receive ONE call and then have to re-pair (which can only be done when car is stopped)...the treo pairs fine with my jabra and stays paired, but not so with the 430.. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?????????????
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    I am about to but the 650 for the Acura RL. I saw the patch on Palmone. Anyone try it on the Acura??
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    I applied the Treo 650 patch this morning and am pleased to report everything seems to work great with my Acura TL!

    [1] Incoming calls are answered flawlessly.
    [2] I could dial using numbers ("Dial 555-1212") without problem.
    [3] The numbers stored in the phone book also work great now.
    [4] Caller ID info shows up in the display.

    The only issues I've encountered:
    [1] When storing phonebook entries, the phone crashed if I stored a "1" before the area-code; if you leave the "1" off, it works fine. (i.e. store "312-555-1212" not "1-312-555-1212"

    [2] Battery and signal strength do not show up.

    [3] This isn't a problem with PalmOne, but I am having difficulty sending tones during a call (to access voicemail systems). According to the owners manual, during the call you say "send 1234"; the car then responds "would you like to send 1234", then you say "yes" (or "send" or something like that.) By this time, the voicemail has thought you are leaving a message and passes the point where you can enter your ID. Need to figure out a way to bypass all the Acura confirmatory prompts.

    But all in all, it's working GREAT! Thank you, PalmOne.

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