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    So I figured I would ask all of you what you recommend, and WHY. The biggest part is why.

    Here is my question. I have worked in the cell phone dept for a certain retail store for a year, but am in a different dept now. Where I was before we didn't have Cingular, so it wasn't an issue. I'm back in a state now where it is available, but I can't make up my damn mind.

    I've had Sprint for a long time, its paid for, and the BEST thing is if I add the Vision is only costs me $5 on the add a line, not to mention the discount I get on the service for working retail. Now I don't know what the Cingular discount is, and I know I don't want Verizon.

    Here is what I am after for the 650...

    I need GREAT coverage

    I need unlimited data (hence why i've put thought into Sprint. $5 extra for unlimited vision is hard to beat.)

    I would like the fastest possible data I can get.

    The phone will be a business phone, and i'm going to be running the heck out of the internet on it.

    I know the future of At&t/Cingular will be good, and I do like the roll-over minutes.

    Where I was before GSM kind of sucked, and that's all I heard about from customers. I'm assuming though with this new acquisition of the two, things will get better and better.

    So I would love any feedback, and at the same time too why you stick with what you do.

    Thanks guys.
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    Seems that everything I've read about service quality leads me to one thing: exactly WHERE you are. For me, living in a Northeast suburb of Atlanta, Sprint has been fantastic. Most places I've traveled I've had great coverage (Missouri, Chattanooga, Alabama), but I can't vouch for anywhere else (except that Farmerville, LA coverage was nonexistent, and service in the chicken plant in Canton GA is dicey )

    Some people have said that Sprint coverage is terrible, but I think it ALL DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU LIVE AND TRAVEL.

    In other words, you should put your location and where you travel to in your message if you want a decent answer...

    Hope this helps - I'm looking forward to the Sprint Vision plan as soon as my @$#%*!& 650 gets here!
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    I am a commercial pilot and travel extensively. I have never got off a plane and not had Sprint service. I love Sprint. The only dead place I have is on a lake in NE Oklahoma. I guess that gives me a good excuse to not answer calls when I am out on the lake though.

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    The most important factor is are you going to be in big cities and on the major highways or in and out of small towns and rural areas. Sprint does not have the latter covered very well. I'm in Houston and travel regulary to Florida and California. Sprint has me covered very well in those areas. On the other hand, my Brother is a commercial pilot, and they use Verizon because a lot of the places they land in rural America do not have good coverage by Sprint. Once you decide who has the best coverage in your area then look at the data plans and minutes. IF you have no signal... nothing else matters.
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    Sprint also offers a roaming plan for $5/mo. which kicks in coverage on the Verizon (and other carrier) networks for areas where there is no Sprint coverage. Roaming minutes are limited to half of your monthly minutes used, but that wouldn't be a problem for most people (unless you LIVE in a chicken plant).
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    Well, KS honestly. Flat lands galore, and it is hell to get service in certain areas out here. Cities like Lawrence, Manhattan, Wichita, Topeka, K-City, etc no prob, but travel N,E,S,W anywhere in KS, and eventually you hit the boonies and get nadda. I need to test this more. Alot of the out in know where places is cellular one towers and what ever else there is.

    My main travel at first would prob be midwest/Mt region, but who knows. I've used Sprint in CO for a year, and Mt areas are tricky.

    But KS is where I am at, and I do enjoy the Sprint Free and Clear America when I can get a Signal. And I know how people feel in NE, OK, and WY.

    I guess I stick with Sprint cause i've had good luck, as well as I get great deals on the service. Never used GSM, but i'm wondering what the future brings. Especially for data transfer on these devices.

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